Hidden and Unexplored Places of Santorini

Santorini is not all bout the spectacular views and the cosmopolitan life.

Until few decades ago the rare beauty of Santorini was only known to few.

Nowadays it attracts millions of tourists. For those who think out of the box and they want to see something different, traditional and authentic, we suggest them to track with us the unexplored places of Santorini.

  • Pick up: from your hotel or place of your choise.
  • Pyrgos Village and the monastery: Our first stop will be the former capital of the island, Pyrgos. This citadel village used to be a fortified city due to its position. It is located in the middle of the island, giving thus a perfect overlook of the whole island. The village is known for its numerous Churches, it's traditional houses and its picturesque square. Above the village, lies the Prophet Helen's mountain, the only place on the island with solid rock. Here we will enjoy the panoramic view and we will listen everything about Greek church and about the thousand years Byzantium empire. Complimentary organic food sampling from the monks always stays a nice surprise.
  • Akrotiri Village and Red beach: In this traditional village of Akrotiri, you wont see many tourists walking around. Our main attraction will be the Venetian Castle. We will walk through the labyrinth of the alleys (it used to be a defensive system) till the citadel. It used to be the manor of the area ruler. Our guide will share his knowledge about middle age warfare, sieges and about the person who was the first that used biochemical weapons in history. We will walk through the village and visit abandoned houses in order to see how people of Santorini were leaving in cave houses and how they were preparing their meals, saving a panoramic view at the end of our way. After that, it's time we visit the unique red-because of its components - beach, which abstains only a short distance by the village.
  • Emporio Village: is full of history that debouch from every corner of this interesting place. It is worth to mention that, you will not find this village in trip advisor or anywhere else in Google. It remains an attraction only for those who knows. A small castle city, which holds the maze system that surrounds the whole village. Here we will learn about the first air-conditioning system, why people were building cities like maze and we local's lifestyle nowadays. .
  • Drop off: at your hotel.

3 to 4 hours (any additional hour, paid extra)
wine tasting (tickets are not included)
Lunch or dinner by the sea (meals are not include)
Akrotiri excavation site, tickets are not included

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