Santorini Wine Tours

Santorini is a well-known island all over the world for many things. Wine is among those things. Since ancient times Santorini....

....has been producing delicious and quality wine.

Now with Platinum Santorini travel you get the opportunity to engage your self to a really unique wine tour, far different from what anyone else on the island may offer you. Our passion for history, food and wine, has formed our wine tour.

During our tour we will visit 3 wineries. The journey starts with the oldest one, in order to observe traditional wine making techniques and learn about the challenges faced by wine producers almost 200 years ago.

Next visit will be a modern, state of art winery that enriches our knowledge and see how people are making wine using today’s newer technologies and techniques.

In our last winery, we will see the perfect match, a combination of old times and new techniques.

In the end you will be in an elevated mood with the alcohol level in your bloodstream from our splendid wines and your knowledge will be also completed about wine making throughout history. Our sommeliers will introduce you to the world of wineology while making new friends and enjoying the juices of our grapes.

Please keep in mind, we can combine wine tasting during magical, sunset of Santorini. What better way could there be to enjoy a local organic wine by watching the perfect sunset of Santorini

Join us in a journey and witness how grape juice transforms to wine and let us meet or even exceed your expectations... Γεία μας ( Gia mas, meaning...cheers).

The tour includes :

  • Tickets and fees to 3 wineries and museum
  • Roundtrip transportation with Mercedes mini van or Suv
  • Private wine tasting and lecture with 3 sommeliers
  • Historical induction along the ride
  • Local organic wines and Assortment plate of snacks (please inform our guide for any kind of allergies)
  • Duration 3 to 4 hours, we can combine it during sunset time so you will enjoy the sunset with your wine.

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