Time Travellers of Ancient Santorini

As you know Greece is a very old country with tons of history. History is consisted from time and place.

We have the place. Regarding time...let us put you in time with all the information we have gathered from books, archives and surveys in one the most famous islands of Greece, Santorini.

In Santorini, we have evidence of living a thriving Greeks 6000 years ago.

Together we will explore prehistoric era, ancient and Classical years, Middle ages and Byzantium Empire era, Venetian and Ottoman occupancy.

  • Pick up: from your hotel or place of your choise.
  • Ancient Thira: An abandoned city that people were there since 8th century B. C. We will see temples, markets, garrison houses, schools, theaters and in general we will walk through the capital of the island before 3000 years.
  • Episkopi church: A perfect church from the middle ages and the Byzantium Empire. The little church is situated here since 10th century A.D. Follow our guide and listen stories about how Greeks turned into Christianity, how and why we celebrate Christmas on 25th of December and many more.
  • Akrotiri village and Prehistorical excavation site (red beach also): First stop in this traditional and exceptional village will be the Venetian Castle. Here, we will walk through the labyrinth of the alleys (it used to be a defensive system) till the citadel, where it used to be the manor of the mayor of the area. Panoramic view of the village and of course lots of historical information about Middle age stories, about sieges, pirates and dead and gone civilisations.
    Also we will have the chance of visiting abandoned houses and see how the real Santorini people where living the last centuries...
    After that, our main attraction will be the excavation site. State of the art of an Eco friendly construction, this museum is among the best places regarding prehistorically monuments around the globe. A neighbourhood of 6000 years ago is going to be revealed in front of our eyes. Houses, manors, squares, factories even one of the oldest toilets in the world. The closest place to the legend of Atlantis is waiting us.
  • Emporio Village: In this village will have the chance of seen things that not many will have the opportunity to see. This unexplored village is a perfect example of how people were leaving during the Ottoman occupancy and during the pirate era. The citadel, the labyrinth and the little houses with crosses will travel us in a forgotten era.
  • Drop off: at your hotel.

Duration 4 hours: (any extra hour paid extra).

We can combine it with wine tasting or lunch/ dinner by the sea.

Transportation from: / to your hotel is included.

Tickets and guide inside Ancient Thira and Akrotiri excavation site does not included.

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